BYRDIE UK: What type of Belly Button Ring piercing do you pierce with: hoop or bar? RJ: For the initial healing period, I recommend a bar. I offer a range of jewellery in titanium or 18-carat gold in a wide selection of styles. I charge the same for any ear cartilage piercings with the actual cost depending on the jewellery you choose body piercing jewelry for sale. BYRDIE UK: How long does it typically take to heal? Is it painful to sleep on? RJ: A rook piercing can take anywhere between six and nine months to heal. As with any piercing, this is dependant on how well you follow your after-care and your general health. After-care should be followed until the piercing is fully healed as recommended by your piercer. fake nose ring women It is always advisable to try to avoid sleeping on any new ear piercing until fully healed as it can cause problems and delay the healing.
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