Giddy Goat

Chris is also musical director for C theatre’s Giddy Goat.

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ThreeWeeks ★★★★

Saturday August 4th, 2012 08:21

ED2012 Children’s Show Review: Giddy Goat (C Theatre)

Giddy has ‘vertigoat’ and the all-singing cast of this spirited show asks their audience to help him leap and bound. As he encounters goats who think they’re sheep and sheep who think they’re bulls, Giddy revels in inclusivity and unites the residents of Needle Mountain with the rams and lambs in the valley below. The script is a sharp and endearing adaptation of the popular book by Jamie Rix and C Theatre’s performers deliver the tale with infectious enthusiasm through rap, Disney-esque ballads and baa-baa-shop quartets. The big goats onstage beam with encouragement as they garner bleats and cheers from the kids in the audience before inviting them to shake their hooves for the final chorus of the ‘Giddy Go’ dance.

C, 1-27 Aug (not 14), 12.15pm.
tw rating 4/5 | [Eve Lacey]

The Stage

The sheep live in the valley below Needle Mountain and don’t climb it. The goats live on the mountain and climb and jump all over it – but Giddy Goat is too scared to do either, suffering from ‘vertigoat’.

In identity crisis, he wonders if he is really a frog or a cat, but these animals quickly assure him that jumping is fine for them. Uncle Hoof – he’s the talkative one in red kilt and fluffy sporran – has an instant transport tea tray, but when Giddy crash-lands in the valley, the sheep chorus barber-shop style that he is not welcome.

Suddenly Giddy spies Edmund the lamb perilously atop the mountain, and breaks his fear barrier to rescue him. Edmund, too, had proved he could climb, so he and Giddy become best friends and unite their communities.

Ben Wiles and Danni Brace have delightfully adapted Jamie Rix’s popular book as a fast-fun C theatre musical under Jemma Gross’ tight direction. Ideal for younger children, who hugely enjoy its simple story and frequent audience participation, its high-quality singing to lively dance sequences is its core strength – Once Upon a Time and It’s Great to Be a Goat are among several catchy numbers. We’ll give you best louboutin schuhe.

All five of the cast perform strongly, with Lucy Burke a promising stage presence as the ever-appealing Giddy Goat.

Children’s Shows Reviewed by Brian G Cooper