A Christmas Carol Review – Everything Theatre

Verdict: ★★★★★ Unmissable

Pros: Beautiful singing, a great cast and, above all, a magnificent location.

Cons: If you can find anything wrong with this show you’d be a real Scrooge indeed!

Antic Disposition has turned the story into a musical, appropriately using carolling favourites as the starting point for most songs. It’s a clever move that instantly gets you in the right mood for this magnificent production. The cast are excellent singers whose voices fill the entire space effortlessly and their crisp enunciation provides that often elusive quality of being able to actually hear the lyrics in the ensemble songs. I’m always a big fan of live music on stage, so seeing the actors supported by real-life musicians was another great pleasure.

The cast members are not only wonderful singers; the acting is good too. With less experienced actors the Victorian-esque language could have made this play a stilted affair, but instead the dialogues flow naturally. There’s a standout performance from David Burt as Scrooge, who, against your better judgement, makes you like the character from the very start.

In the end though, even Burt is overshadowed by the magnificent venue of Middle Temple Hall where this production takes place. The 16th century hall is one of the oldest in London, and provides the most atmospheric backdrop you could possibly wish for. Designer John Risebero has wisely opted to let the location speak for itself, only using small props complemented by some awesome sound and lighting effects. The combination of all this with the music makes for such a magical atmosphere that you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve walked into Hogwarts (which is pretty much the highest compliment I can bestow).

…For anyone looking for some last-minute Christmas spirit (or a seasonal show without screaming kids in the audience) however, this is a wonderful festive treat. No matter how much you’re over Jingle Bell Rock, Christmas shopping and people dressed in themed jumpers, this show will make you wish it were Christmas every day.

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