Henry V tours UK

Chris’s music for Antic Disposition’s production of Henry V made its second outing, touring UK cathedrals this year.

Marking both the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt and the ongoing centenary of the First World War, Antic Disposition presents a new production of Shakespeare’s Henry V.

England’s idealistic army marches to war, certain of a swift and glorious victory. France proudly rallies to defend her borders from invasion. But as nations clash, it is the common soldiers who pay the ultimate price in the bloody mud of the battlefield.

Performed by a combined cast of British and French actors, the uplifting production celebrates the rich and complex historical relationship between our two nations – from the Hundred Years War to the Entente Cordiale.

“Antic Disposition have put together a truly amazing production of Henry V which left me spellbound and speechless … Freddie Stewart is a wonder in the title role and delivers an outstanding performance as the young monarch.”

“This full-bodied, full blooded First World War Henry has a new depth in the hands of this talented young cast and production company.”
The Londonist

“Freddie Stewart’s Henry V is exceptional. This ingenious production is not to be missed.”
The Upcoming

“A beautifully crafted production. Powerful, shocking and deeply moving.”
Stage Review

“A wonderfully imaginative and evocative staging of one of Shakespeare’s great histories, in a sublime location.”
Everything Theatre

“Antic Disposition and directors Ben Horslen and John Risebero have managed to bring off one of the most impressive revivals of a Shakespeare play that I have seen in recent years.”
British Theatre

“Antic Disposition have created yet another production that makes Shakespeare remarkably engaging and exciting … Poignant, perturbing and excellently acted.”
Ginger Hibiscus

“A moving and thoughtful production executed by a skilful team of actors and creatives – catch it while you can.”
The Public Reviews